Feng Yu Jiu Tian 28 *spoilers!*

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have just finished reading Feng Yu Jiu Tian ( 凤于九天 ) volume 28!

I must say, Feng Nong never fails to amaze her readers! In this volume, the long anticipated character Du Feng (杜風), who is a widely renowned handsome man, finally makes his grand entrance!

This character was first introduced in the Tong Guo (同国) arc when Yu Lang (余浪), a very loyal subject under the Li Guo King Ruo Yan, impersonates himself as Du Feng to get closer to Feng Ming and his companions. Since no one has really seen Du Feng in person, having heard only about his handsome appearance and gentlemanly character, Feng Ming and company was easily tricked into believing that Yu Lang was indeed Du Feng! At the end of the Tong Guo arc, Yu Lang successfully poisoned Feng Ming!

                         Du Feng (杜風)

               Yu Lang (余浪)

I was so thrilled when I saw Du Feng in volume 28!He saved Feng Ming's little brother, Luo Yun (洛云), who was gravely injured from a hot chase after Yu Lang. Luo Yun who is nicknamed Bitter Gourd Face (苦瓜脸) because of his stone cold face, took an immediate dislike to Du Feng because he blames Du Feng for being at least implicitly involved in Feng Ming's current poisoned state. Thus, despite Du Feng being his savior, Luo Yun treats Du Feng very coldly. Du Feng, not knowing why this handsome young man treats him with such obvious dislike, develops a keen interest towards Luo Yun - much to the dismay of Du Feng's female companions.

I sense the blossoming of a new BL couple! I can't wait to see how the Feng Yun (Du Feng x Luo Yun) couple develops!

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Luo Yun. In the book, he is described to be rather handsome, and his physical stature is similar to Feng Ming to the extent that he can serve as Feng Ming's double in the Tong Guo arc. Luo Yun and Feng Ming share the same father, making them half-brothers. In terms of personality and outlook, Luo Yun is the complete opposite of Feng Ming. The former carries a cold attitude towards almost everyone he meets, including Feng Ming although he himself is aware that Feng Ming is his elder brother. Despite his cold and reserved personality, however, Luo Yun is genuinely concerned for Feng Ming's safety and sees it as his personal duty to protect Feng Ming.

For his part, of course, Feng Ming is ecstatic to have a little brother in this other dimension, and thus he always tries to act like a kind and caring elder brother such as sleeping together in the same room, personally redressing Luo Yun's wounds, sticking close to Luo Yun, adding food to his rice bowl, and even asking (almost pleading) Luo Yun to call him "brother"! For the cold and reserved Luo Yun, Feng Ming's undivided and brotherly affection for him makes Luo Yun really uneasy. Rong Tian is, of course, envious of Luo Yun!

This is just a small 'awkward' conversation among Feng Ming, Luo Yun, and Rong Tian that made me laugh so hard.

Volume 25, Chapter 3

The female servants quickly arranged the dining table in the cabin. With his stomach already grumbling, Feng Ming was the first to sit at the table. He pulled Rong Tian to sit on his left side, and then waved at Luo Yun, "Little brother, come sit down, let's eat together."

Luo Yun stared coldly at him. After a while, with slow steps, he walked towards Feng Ming and took the seat on Feng Ming's right side, his spine was even more stiff than a door.

Feng Ming widened his eyes. "You...you actually really came over?"

Luo Yun knitted his eyebrows, and shot a glance at Feng Ming, "Didn't you want me to come over and sit?"

"Ha ha, I thought you would have rejected me." Feng Ming responded while raising his hand to affectionately rub Luo Yun's earlobe.

With a movement of his wrist, Luo Yun almost reflexively hit the back of Feng Ming's head, but a warning look from Rong Tian stopped him. He gritted his teeth to endure Feng Ming's 'harassment'.

"Don't touch me."

"Your ear is so soft. I heard that people with soft ears are actually really soft-hearted. You see, my ears are also very soft."


"Aye? Your face, and even your ears are red... are you shy?"

"You... you..."

"Oh yes! In order to further develop our brotherly bonds, let's sleep together again like the other night, okay?"



These two words were shouted out at the same time from Luo Yun and Rong Tian's mouths.


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